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VIDEO: Street Tips: Using a DSLR like a rangefinder camera, HOW?

Rangefinder cameras give a larger view onto the scene, DSLRs don’t. This, in street photography, can make a difference when the composition is disturbed by people or objects unexpectedly coming into your composition.  In this video I suggest 4 ways in which a DSLR can be used to see the scene larger than the image

VIDEO: Street – Munich Street Walk

Went for a 7 hour walk through Munich yesterday, Friday 31st March, with Karen…! And she was good and didn’t even have an ice-cream! Together with the pictures from yesterday I have also included 3 pictures from a walk last week. I used the Nikon D610 with the 50mm f 1.8 and the 135mm f

VIDEO: Street #4 – @ Königsplatz, Munich

Königsplatz is an area north of the main station in Munich with ancient style architecture. Near here was the party headquarters for the Nazi Party in 1930’s-40’s Germany; and also two mausoleums each “housing” eight of the sixteen “martyrs” in the Munich Putsch. The party headquarters and the mausoleums are destroyed, although foundations are still

VIDEO: Travel #9 – Visions of Berlin, Germany

Visions of Berlin. I went on a long weekend several years ago with a Canon G3 (4 megapixel) camera, before I got the Nikon DSLR with Ais lenses. These are a small selection of pics.  Some are “places” and street, others are more abstract… enjoy! I do have others and will post a “Visions of