VIDEO: Travel #3 – North East Shore, Chiemsee Lake, Bavaria. Germany – A stone beach walk

The lake is large, sufficiently so as to have sailing yachts, ferries and even inhabited islands. One island has one of the stately homes of the now deceased King of Bavaria and the other has a nunnery. Bavaria being catholic, both have been suitably kept apart; one knows what royalty can be like. This particular stretch of shore however does not give a good view of the islands.

Looking South over the lake the mountains are prominant and provide a wonderful backdrop to sailing yachts, jetties or ferry boats alike. Further around the shore line, the stone beach merges with reeds and this provides a foreground. This is suitable for the nature as well as a location for a photoshoot. Being that the end is the East shore it can provide some excellent sunsets.

Weather can be changeable as one is close to the mountains, but being so close to the road and several villages and towns there are cafes to retreat to.