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Masters of their trade… Chip Kidd

I was having an internet drift, several days ago, and Youtube made a proposal. "A Chip Kidd TEDtalk"  I am so happy the algorithm did. Chip Kidd's TED talk started as a shock, but I found myself drawn into his mind, his product and his mastery.

Understanding Youtube’s Subscriber Algorithm

If you have read my articles you will know that I like and follow Eric Kim. I noticed that a latest Youtube video from Eric was not in my subscription feed, even though time wise it should have been. This is youtube's new subscriber algorithm.

Understanding Eric Kim

I like Eric Kim. He has provided much information, ideas and guides to the internet community for many years. He is happy and enthusiastic for the genre and this rubs off on most people. His information comes in written, pictorial and video formats, which makes it suitable for all types.

Understanding Youtube

The larger youtube channels of today were smaller channels yesterday. So it makes sense that some of the current smaller youtube channels are going to be the large channels of the future. Well, that would have been the case but for Susan Wojcicki.