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Being an event Gollum – Streetcast #7 – 14th May 2019

I still believe that street photography is a near perfect training ground for event photography, with one significant exception. For street we tend to choose a single focal length; but for paid work, based on last years experience, one needs a zoom. Event Gollum Time… Well it was that time of year again.  The annual

Canon 5D Classic: pixels, grain and freckles.

I mentioned in my earlier video that the Canon 5d classic (or mark 1) has a peppery effect on images using a high iso. In this video I show with a sample picture the effect and show a Lightroom setting that makes the image work again.

Music for Street Photography Youtube videos…

It is very time consuming to find music suitable for a video. Unlike pictures which can be visually scanned, music needs to be listened to in real time. The duration of the music is needed to assess the work for its suitability. So I thought I would share some of the music that I find

iCha, Boxes and Proportions…

iCha has been playing with boxes, cropping and using the proportions of the image to enhance the image. - I wanted to reply to iCha and share my thoughts on the subject.

Masters of their trade… Chip Kidd

I was having an internet drift, several days ago, and Youtube made a proposal. "A Chip Kidd TEDtalk"  I am so happy the algorithm did. Chip Kidd's TED talk started as a shock, but I found myself drawn into his mind, his product and his mastery.