Month: October 2017

The Street Photographer’s Poem

I am not into poetry, but I was preparing a set of videos on my thoughts on various subjects and found some of my “script” rhyming. As a result I got sidetracked and had a go… Thought I would share it with you for fun. Alex.,

VIDEO: Travel #19 – Munich Tierpark (Zoo) Hellabrunn

The zoo is very easy for photography. The aquarium is underground and the room for the people has very low lighting, this causes very little reflection on the glass. The tropical plants house has “free range lizards” that catch bugs, which means that there is no glass or fence between the lens and the animal.

VIDEO: Travel #18 – Hamburg Christmas Market

Went to Hamburg at Christmas. There are some experimental shots of the Christmas Market. Experimental in that I wanted to catch the spirit without showing the people in an identifiable way. Hence some of the shots are movement blurs, and not Parkinsons as some may think! 🙂 Many of the visitors had had TOO MUCH

VIDEO: Travel #17 – Hamburg Speicherstadt

Speicherstadt is the collection of storehouses and warehouses in the dock area of Hamburg. The buildings are brick, suffered greatly from the bombing in WWII, but have been restored and modernised. For photographers this is a wonderful backdrop. I was not doing Street Photography at the time, but with hindsight I realise the environment for

KIT: Using Legacy Lenses: Best lens I have ever used…

Nikkor-Q 135mm f 3.5 (Converted) – The following are sample pictures from the lens in various conditions. This, in my opinion, is the best lens I have and it cost only €49 second-hand. As usual the images are direct from camera, no crop, adjustment etc., Only exception is the blur for a surfer’s face… Alex.,