Month: July 2017

VIDEO: Rock Concert Photography II – Tips/Experience

In this second part, I talk about the benefit of talking to the band, learning their expressions and movement, the benefit of manual aperture control on the lens and the benefits of manual focus lenses. –┬áCounter intuitive perhaps, but it works for me, and perhaps you too… Alex.,

VIDEO: Travel #16 – Seeon, Bavaria

An old monastery that is now owned and operated by the Bavarian Government. Quite out in the sticks, but the walk around the lake and the scenes are typical Bavarian; relaxed and calming. The pictures are quite representative of the opportunities here. If this type of scene, architecture and objects interests you then the visit

VIDEO: Travel #14 – Burghausen, Bavaria

Claimed to be the “Longest” castle complex in the WORLD!? I don’t know if this is true, but it is long as the last picture shows. WIKI: “Burghausen Castle in Burghausen, Upper Bavaria, is the longest castle complex in the world (1051 m) […] Guinness World Record […]” It is actually a walled in collection