VIDEO: Travel #18 – Hamburg Christmas Market

Went to Hamburg at Christmas. There are some experimental shots of the Christmas Market. Experimental in that I wanted to catch the spirit without showing the people in an identifiable way. Hence some of the shots are movement blurs, and not Parkinsons as some may think! 🙂 Many of the visitors had had TOO MUCH spirit and I considered it unkind to show it. 🙂

Great place to visit, as are all the German Christmas Markets. Most are on for the 4 weeks of advent, so typically last week November until the 24th December. Smaller villages and towns have “one” or “two day” markets because the business is too small, but Cities often go the “whole hog”. Typically they end at 14:00 on the 24th. In Munich there are a few exceptions and I guess in other major cities there are others too.

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