NinjaFrederick’s Catch of the day (WARNING dead mice!)

Today we had 2 little deliveries from NinjaFrederick within an hour and a half. Luckily they were dead!

Over the last weeks we have had live mice and even a living blackbird, all screeching in his jaws! And yes the living are captured and returned to the garden.


Frederick had a vehicle accident (we guess) that has left two bones in the tail broken, hence the twisted amputated tail. All this happened before we got him from the animal shelter. The remaining damage cannot be operated on without risking greater complications. Still he has digestion problems which makes his appetite for mouse meat rather problematic.

Over the Easter weekend everyday we were at the animal clinic with him needing anaesthetics just to help clear him out. Finally seem to have it under control but we are still having to control his diet.

Difficult considering his very effective skill and penchant for hunting…

**NOT Photography related but I thought I would share anyway!**