VIDEO: Street Sendlinger Tor & Isar

Within Munich are some rather nice quarters. Some are impressive for their architecture, others for their “hustle bustle”. South of Sendlinger Tor there is an area which has a large and very old city graveyard.

The grave stones are old and many are very ornamented. Some are damaged from bombs during WWII others are just toppled by roots.

The river Isar has walks on the banks. Some along the road, others actually down at the side of the water. This area is frequented better in spring and summer with cyclists, runners, people with dogs and just walkers. This lends itself to “street” as the activities and the backdrop come together to make numerous “moments”.

This video is in winter so the majority of people were wrapped up warm at home, however it should give some idea as to the area and the opportunities.

Happy hunting and enjoy