I can’t buy a Canon as I don’t have 50,000 instagram followers…

A recent Petapixel article entitled “Photog: Canon Dropped Me Because I Don’t Have 50K Instagram Followers” got me thinking. If representing Canon requires this level of instagram fame, then I guess carrying a camera with “Canon” plastered over it also requires such fame.  What a silly company to set criteria that are just meaningless.

Canon 5D Classic
Canon 5D Classic

If the approach is to use the photographer, rather than the photographs to promote the product then one must really wonder about the product. Companies are really weird when it comes to understanding how the world works.

Where do companies find these people? More importantly why do they retain them?

As a paid photographer I guess they want me to understand:

“You are not worthy to buy a Canon, let alone use one for corporate work and tell people you used a Canon…”

So I won’t! – I’ll use my Fuji and Nikons instead… 🙂


Mon 28th Jan 2019 CET