Short Bio

At around the age of 5 or 6 my father made me aware that people wanted to kill us.  With guns, bombs or other means.  This heightens the senses and the attention to details around you, even when you are just going about your normal daily business.

This heightened awareness and concentration was the foundation for my street photography.  It is more than snap shots on the street.  It is being aware of what is around you, being able to notice the unusual and predict what is likely to be happening.  All within a context of an aesthetic or style.

At 16 my father gave me his Mamiya 35mm SLR film camera.  Manual and heavy.  Two characteristics that have been discarded with todays image recording technology, yet two fundamentals on which I rely and am still most comfortable with.

I consider myself a private photojournalist, recording all the smaller less mainstream stories I happen across.  With the same duty to honesty, restrictive editing and compassion to the subjects as an accredited journalist would be bound by.

In this way I can take all my skills and contribute to the record of the era in which I live.