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Playing with Lightroom

In preparation for an corporate event job where I need to deliver pictures “real-time” I have been playing with Lightroom. I am creating a set of “presets” to recover images from the immediate problems that I know I will encounter. I will make them available to Youtube followers once I have finished the development process...

What’s in my bag (First posted on JCH 12th Dec 2016)

I use digital as if it were manual analogue, so my setup is perhaps a little strange considering many people at JCH seem to be very into film. I use the Nikon D5200, together with Nikkor AIS lenses. I started this round of camera with the D5200 and the 18-105mm kit lens. The images were

Opinion: RAW for clients? – Surely YES!

As photographers doing commercial work we need to decide if we are first and foremost a service provider or alternatively an artist. In other words which comes first!  This confusion can hurt clients, and in this article I try to explore if there are not more co-operative solutions...