VIDEO: Travel #5 – Glass, Metal & Recreation – Olympic Park, Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

It seemed appropriate that while the Olympic Summer Games are on, I give you some of the images I have from from a walk I did in the Olympic Park in Munich. This was the venue of the Summer Olympics in ’72.  This video covers a little bit of architecture and a little bit of street photography.

Unfortunately these games, 44 years ago, were totally overshadowed by the murder and kidnapping of the Israeli athletes, such that the architecture and landscaped area went somewhat unnoticed. Understandable given the circumstances, but sad for the architect and all those others that worked so hard to make the venue. The building where two Israelis were killed and the others were taken hostage is up a bank and behind trees in the picture “runner”.

Sadly this is also not far from the shootings that recently took place (22nd July 2016) outside a shopping mall in Munich. The “Olympiazentrum” shopping mall is located about 1km from the station shown in two of the pictures.