ACTION CAM WALK – Street & other Photography – Munich Königsplatz and area

Königsplatz, I have done a video of pictures before, but this is a little more. In this video you accompany me on a walk with street photography, a look at the architecture, finding cafes on the route and photographing art & sculpture.

I got a VTIN €50 Action Cam because I wanted to create a more enhanced type of Street Walk Video. A walk for visitors, together with a “sort of real time” review and self critic of my pictures & a first attempt at a self-help street photography workshop… You can visit Munich and do the walk yourself, or you can watch the video and decide what you would have photographed or how you would have taken what I saw differently! 🙂

The area has various Galleries and Art Exhibitions, so is also interesting to people who are not photographers. For street photography the backdrop of the buildings and the architecture is imposing.

For the “sketch map” download :

Contains: Speeded up sections, very mild swearing (I was being annoyed by a wasp and people getting in my shot…)

Apologies for the wobbly video. First attempt & didn’t want to waste it… It takes tones of footage, ripping hair out with iMovie and twiddling fingers with Youtube upload …. 🙂

Would appreciate your feedback. Is this interesting, helpful or NOT?