VIDEO: Travel #12 – Beaches & Caen Normandy France

In 2013 we went on a Holiday to Normandy France. Rented a holiday home and my family joined us from England, we of course traveled from Germany. Holiday home was great but the admin and owners only spoke French, luckily Karen does too!

I had only just got the Nikon D5200 and was using the 18-105mm Kit lens.

Weather was crazy, on the day we arrived Karen and I got caught on the edge of a tornado. Vans off the road, trees broken like matchsticks. Later when these pictures were taken a day or two later the heat was so extreme even the beach was unbearable. Lovely place though, would have preferred to have more time and the AIS lenses. 🙂

In some of the beach pictures you can still see the concrete blocks (Mulberry harbour) out in the sea which were used in D-Day.