VIDEO: Travel #26 – Bad Reichenhall & Salt Works (+ some street)

Bad Reichenhall is a town that has produced salt since the beginning of time. Nestled in the imposing mountains, the town is an unusual mixture of industrial and elegant architecture. The buildings belonging to the salt works are very substantial, raw and massive. The buildings making up the spa for health on the other hand are ornamented and elegant.

The underground salt works can be visited and there are trips about once an hour, depending on demand. It is well worth it. Remember though the low light can create a problem for the auto focus, so be prepared to do manual.

The town has a fairly decent selection of shops, cafes and restaurants. The larger clothing store has a cafe on the top floor with a terrace that overlooks the town and the mountains. This can be seen top left of the left hand image @3:35. (At least the sun umbrellas are visible!)

Photographic Notes

Being in the mountains the light fades fast and early. Also being in the mountains the weather and temperature can change quickly and unexpectedly. Don’t forget good clothing. Even in summer when we were there, during the day we had 30+ deg C, but in the evening the temperature dropped and rain clouds rolled in…


The hotel is great. Check out the notes @3.50 and pause to read.
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