Street Photography: An unexpected day with the Fuji X100

Last Saturday Karen needed to go into Munich to collect and ship books for a client. For the collecting, carrying and packing she needed some help, so I took the opportunity to practice with the Fuji X100.  I only had moments within the two hours we were there, but that was enough for some benefit.

The pictures themselves are not that important. Taking pictures with a heavy bag of hard cover books is not optimal. What is interesting is the way we walked from the book shop to the post office took us through some newer areas of Munich I have not really “noticed”.

At the end of the video is my pick of themes and styles that I think could be developed. Preferably without a bag of books in the way. 🙂

If your interested I’ve tried infrared photography with the X100. The article with video: IR on X100 – Fujifilm Finepix X100 & Heliopan RG 715 IR Filter



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