Open reply to Tim: “Choosing Your Photography Style”

The original article from Tim: Choosing Your Photography Style


I think initially I over thought what you were saying. In principle “think about what you want social media to be as far as your photography is concerned & think about what your photography is for” are the messages I understand. And I think that is good advice.

I think too many people think initially that simply being there (Social media) is going to make a difference and one will be discovered.  Others think that simply having a capable camera and the desire that commercial contracts will just drop into their lap.

Too many people are “ugly” in words and thoughts and all of us are plagued by trying to get a fair crack of the whip to be seen in social media systems.

Youtube is weird. The more you post the more you are seen, it is a platform of quantity over quality and the impact of this strategy is visible. Especially with channels that post so much, they run out of ideas and create drivel, yet have tonnes of followers and views.

Instagram I have absolutely no basis to judge, but I guess that it ranks things.

Twitter seems to be swamped. Everyone talking at once. Find interesting people and ignore #tags most of the time; otherwise you drown.

Social Media will eventually shout too much; perhaps already does!  As you say, people should decide what they are doing photography for, as this is more important than social media.

I therefore agree with the difficulties you raise, and also the advice to think about the aim!