VIDEO: Travel #2 – Open Air Museum, Amerang, Bavaria. Germany – Old farms and equipment relocated to a single site

Whilst such things sound boring the open air museum is everything but boring to photographers of architecture, past times, rusty equipment and older lifestyles. Bavaria is a farming area first and foremost. Despite the technology firms and the cosmopolitan nature of Munich, the rest of Bavaria is still rural. Traditions and the catholic church are still strong and the hardships for the farmers’ families not so long ago, explains this.

The buildings are spread over a reasonable area and have not been simply rebuilt next to each other in a “pseudo street”. The result is a far more authentic context to the farms and other buildings.

Access is given not only to the areas in courtyards and gardens but also into many of the buildings, which contain genuine period furniture and houshold utensils. Even the special tiled ovens, distillery, water driven sawmill and kitchens have been recovered and given a place.

What results is clearly a labour of love. The care and attention without the commercial clutter of too much signage or museum presentations make the immersion in history and its photographic representation really possible.