VIDEO: Street #4 – @ Königsplatz, Munich

Königsplatz is an area north of the main station in Munich with ancient style architecture. Near here was the party headquarters for the Nazi Party in 1930’s-40’s Germany; and also two mausoleums each “housing” eight of the sixteen “martyrs” in the Munich Putsch. The party headquarters and the mausoleums are destroyed, although foundations are still visible.

The area is less frequented outside the tourist season and the buildings make a super backdrop, even if the pictures are not all that special… 🙂

I used the Nikon D610, together with Nikkor-Q converted 135mm f 3.5 and the Nikkor AIS 50mm f 1.8 for these shots. As usual most are unedited, I have however distorted the faces in one image and have left out the “zoom” in others for the privacy of people photographed. The faces in most are too small to genuinely recognise the people, so I am happy this should upset nobody.