VIDEO: Travel #29 – Chiemsee, Prien#1

I have done a previous video on a walk of the north shore of Chiemsee. However this is a video having taken one of the boats that goes from Prien. (links at the end)

Some pictures deliberately have the faces covered, such as the paddle surfer. I don’t really have much choice, but needed to include the image to show what you can expect.

It really is a lovely location. The mountains, the water, the yachts and the little islands makes for a very pleasant and relaxing place. There are many restaurants and ice cream places in Prien and the main boat/ferry docks are there. The boat trips go on various round trips stopping at various smaller villages around the lake.  Tickets can be purchased to go to and back from a specific place, or one can buy one of the “round trips” and just visit the lake from the water.

There is a local small gauge railway that runs from the Main railway station down to the lake. The main station is high up on a hill, so the train is helpful if you are coming from Munich using normal rail services. It is diesel and creates clouds of carcinogenic fumes, but walking may give you a heart attack. So choose your method carefully.

In summer it is crowded so you need to consider carrying water if it is hot, because the queues and service can make waiting the order of the day. There are beach/green areas where you can picnic or sunbathe. There are park benches dotted around as there is a rather large aged population in the area, and it is a favoured destination for retired people.

In the lake there are two main islands that can be visited with the boats. And in the winter there is a Christmas market on one of the islands.

A word of WARNING for photography. The “schloß” on Herrencheimsee (larger of the two islands) is owned and operated by the Bavarian government and they have a draconian and middle-ages approach to photography. For photographers I would not recommend bothering as restrictions are just a waste of life. I boycott such things and certainly won’t waste my money on entrance prices to have artistic handcuffs placed on me. They want to own the exclusive rights, even though the Bavarian People own the buildings…  a Joke!

At the southern end of the lake, towards the mountains, is an area of marsh which I hope to visit and post some time in the near future.


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