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VIDEO: Travel #21 – Englischer Garten, Munich

Munich has quite a lot of green areas, but the main park area running either side of the river Isar is the Englischer Garten. This park area has a lake, streams, woods and open grass fields. The central area has a restaurant, beer garden and the Chinese tower, which is a pagoda that is used

VIDEO: Travel #20 – Freising Botanical Gardens

Freising is a town North East of Munich and is on the local public transport train system (S-Bahn). Close to the airport the main brewery complex is located on a hill that over looks the airport in the distance. Located on and around Weihenstephan are the gardens and the pub. Great place, but you need

VIDEO: Travel #19 – Munich Tierpark (Zoo) Hellabrunn

The zoo is very easy for photography. The aquarium is underground and the room for the people has very low lighting, this causes very little reflection on the glass. The tropical plants house has “free range lizards” that catch bugs, which means that there is no glass or fence between the lens and the animal.

VIDEO: Travel #16 – Seeon, Bavaria

An old monastery that is now owned and operated by the Bavarian Government. Quite out in the sticks, but the walk around the lake and the scenes are typical Bavarian; relaxed and calming. The pictures are quite representative of the opportunities here. If this type of scene, architecture and objects interests you then the visit

VIDEO: Travel #14 – Burghausen, Bavaria

Claimed to be the “Longest” castle complex in the WORLD!? I don’t know if this is true, but it is long as the last picture shows. WIKI: “Burghausen Castle in Burghausen, Upper Bavaria, is the longest castle complex in the world (1051 m) […] Guinness World Record […]” It is actually a walled in collection

VIDEO: Travel #10 – Wasserburg, Bavaria

Not far from where we live there is a town built into the bend of the river Inn.  It is a wonderful collection of beautifully coloured and imposing houses, churches and other buildings.  It is an extreme form of Bavarian country town with very interesting alleys and passages, cobbled roads and painted frontages.