Music for Street Photography Youtube videos…

It is very time consuming to find music suitable for a video. Unlike pictures which can be visually scanned, music needs to be listened to in real time. The duration of the music is needed to assess the work for its suitability. So I thought I would share some of the music that I find

iCha, Boxes and Proportions…

iCha has been playing with boxes, cropping and using the proportions of the image to enhance the image. - I wanted to reply to iCha and share my thoughts on the subject.

Masters of their trade… Chip Kidd

I was having an internet drift, several days ago, and Youtube made a proposal. "A Chip Kidd TEDtalk"  I am so happy the algorithm did. Chip Kidd's TED talk started as a shock, but I found myself drawn into his mind, his product and his mastery.

Street Photography: An unexpected day with the Fuji X100

Last Saturday Karen needed to go into Munich to collect and ship books for a client. For the collecting, carrying and packing she needed some help, so I took the opportunity to practice with the Fuji X100.  I only had moments within the two hours we were there, but that was enough for some benefit.

Using Lightroom to change the lights after the shot!

I am just learning Lightroom and went through some of my older images that "failed" because the lighting was not correctly on my subject. I show with two examples how I have found this can be adjusted. One using whole image increased exposure followed by targeted reduction. The other using targeted increases to the exposure.

Understanding Youtube’s Subscriber Algorithm

If you have read my articles you will know that I like and follow Eric Kim. I noticed that a latest Youtube video from Eric was not in my subscription feed, even though time wise it should have been. This is youtube's new subscriber algorithm.